Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Moving to a new studio

Packing up and moving out

My husband dismantles my kiln ready to load it into the van

Empty space so sad - all the hustle and creativity it has harvested during the last 5 years

During Easter I waved farewell to my Cockpit studio and said hello to my new studio in Forest Hill. The new studio is a 15 min walk from my house which will make things a lot easier. It's also my own room (I shared a space at Cockpit). I will definitely miss the community at Cockpit but I will be back as alumni for the summer open studios 22nd-24th June 2012.

Here are some photos of the move - sorry no image of my new space - it's too much of a mess to show you just yet!

In the meantime here is my new address:

Unit G3
Whirled Art Studios
118 Standstead Road
Forest Hill
SE23 1BX

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